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Over 30 years experience protecting and restoring nature.

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Easily track your progess and see the carbon you offset in your profile.

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Directly Fund Reforestation

MyTrees supports key on-the-ground Conservation International projects around the globe. These programs include:

Alto Mayo, Peru
Amazon Rainforest in Brazil
Cispatá mangroves, Colombia
Chyulu hillls, Kenya
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What MyTrees players have to say:

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Winner of weekly jackpot

I didn't think I would be gaining anything other than helping the planet, but was speechless to win £500!

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Winner of weekly jackpot

I was so excited and surprised to win - I bought new plants with the money to keep in theme!

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Winner of weekly jackpot

I joined MyTrees to offset my carbon footprint. So it's amazing to win whilst helping the planet!

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Winner of weekly jackpot

I love MyTrees! It's already paid for itself and I feel good about it.

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Winner of weekly jackpot

My biggest win ever! I didn't join to win money back, so going to spend it on planting more trees!

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